October 21, 2015

Online Booking and Payment


We are excited to announce online booking! Learn how to make your booking today with our video tutorials !

Book Now

Pay Online – easy and fast

We accept all major credit cards online. Online payment is handled through Paypal, so you can be sure your transaction is secure. If you have a PayPal account, you can even pay with your bank account (like debit).

Pay cash or debit in the studio

We only accept cash or debit in the studio, so be sure to pay online with your credit card or bring cash or debit on site.

Automatic confirmation and reminder emails

You will get an automatic reminder about your upcoming booking 7 days before and again 3 days before the rehearsal.

You can still book in person or Email us

If you want to email us to book please provide the following information:

your name
your band name
phone number
date & time slot,
number of bands members
number of mics

You will receive the automatic confirmation and invoice as soon as the booking is made.


We are really excited about these changes, but we also realize that change comes with growing pains. Please be patient with us. Give us a call, email or even comment below if you notice anything out of sorts with your booking or the new website. As Van Morrisson once said “You can’t stay the same. If you’re a musician and a singer, you have to change. That’s the way it works.” The same is true for Soundcheck. It’s always changing for the better.

FAQ – You can hopefully get more answers to your questions here .