November 18, 2015


Here are some questions we get asked a lot, with some explanations:

Q. How do I choose a room when I book online, on the phone or via email?

A. While you can let us know your preference, we cannot guarantee you will get your favorite room. Lucky for you, all our rooms are awesome. “But why, oh why?!?”, you ask? With only four rooms, we have to put bands in the rooms that make the most sense. We lavish The Soundcheck Room (our largest room) on a trio and jam a five piece band into The Big Apple (ironically, our smallest room). Both of the rooms sound awesome, have a great kit and great equipment.

Q. Can I get a booking that doesn’t match the sessions posted online?

A. It depends. If you are looking for 7-10pm on a weeknight, we can’t help you. If you are looking for 11 am – 1 pm, we can definitely help you. If you are not sure, drop us an email or give us a call. If you are a management company looking for studio time for your travelling band, please contac boo [email protected]

Q. I called this morning to book a session for this evening and I didn’t get called back until 6:00 pm!!! WTF!!!

A. Sorry we missed your call. The best and fast way to make a same day booking is definitely by email ([email protected]). If you can get your planning problems straightened out, the best way to book is definitely on-line , but you have to be 2 days in advance.

Q. I can’t book a session online for today or tomorrow!

A. The studio is only manned when a session is booked and we need to be sure we have staff available for your booking, so we can’t allow online bookings for the same or the next day. The best way to ensure you get a last minute booking is email . As long as we have space, we can usually get you jammin’.

Q. Is there any way I can know in advance which room my band will be in?

A. We allocate the rooms the night of the sessions, so we don’t even know that much in advance. But just ask when you get here and we’ll let you know.

Q. I really love one particular room OR I really hate one particular room.

A. All of our rooms are stocked with quality, working gear. If you are having a problem with the gear our staff our trained and know how to help you. Our rooms are also all the same price, so we place bands in the rooms according to band size. Some people don’t like this, most people are reasonable and understand that this just makes sense.